Friday, March 29, 2013

     "These miles beckon for they lead to adventure. The magick like the sound of distant thunder races across a vast mysterious land tenanted by ancient unknown creation. Living winds calling to us, calling our names. And storms obscure with legend point the way when lightning flashes from the palms of your hands. Now let us go, let us travel this strange and wondrous path, you at my side; unfamiliar dust coloring our sandals."          (How many times can one re-edit one's thoughts?)  ~Henry K Carey~


  1. Had that been posted two years and two days earlier, it would have been eerily prophetic. As it is, it is eerily reminiscent of a journey now hazily recalled.

    To answer your question, as many times as there are combinations of words that convey them.

  2. Well said Legacy, well said indeed. Thank you for those words, they are of value to me.