Friday, June 14, 2013

~~Daark Beliefs~~
I believe in telling the truth as I see it.
I believe imagination is the power by which we exist. 
My philosophy: Nothing will be exactly as you think it should and nothing stays the same. 
I attempt through quantum thought to alter my reality. If this means yours changes as well, so be it.  
Humans have, over time, unknowingly changed this reality from a reality of choice to a reality of consequence. 
I attempt to make changes that lean toward the world of choice. I am aware there may be unforeseen consequences as a result of reality manipulation.
I find it increasingly difficult to deal with illiterate,  stupid and mean people,  even at a time when they are on the rise, along with the mundane and mediocre. 
Nobody is perfect,  not in this existence, but then if we all could learn to shape this reality together… we could be.  ~Daark's Alter Ego~

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