Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Some say the Bible was created by two people...A wealthy man or woman and the other a poor man or woman, the question is then: how were these two concepts gathered together into 'one' book?
"Paid the same at the end of the day would be the wealthiest man's or woman's point of view, while through the eye of a needle would be the poor man's or woman's point of view. Throughout the Bible these examples can be found." ~Jack Kraven~

"Does the wealthy care how much money you make or have? Does the wealthy care if you have enough, or is it, they truly don't care what you have or how much you get paid just as long as they don't have to give back any money they derive from you? I must assume there are no wealthy people reading what I have to say."      
 ~Sir Contemplation ~

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