Monday, August 26, 2013

Just A Dream, A Recurring Dream

I'm having a nightmare, there are three doors and I must choose one. I stare hard at each one hoping for a sign or hint of what may be behind them. Finally, I pick the third door. Stepping close I grip the handle turning it slowly...a sudden hot gust of wind catches the door ripping it from my hand, and there spreading out before me...a lake roiling with the fires of hell! 

~Daark Karver~


  1. Like the look did all the artwork yourself?
    Need to hook up with a girl I once new back in High School who had a pic in "Nantucket Today" to my surprise she gave me some of her paintings and dropped in chat on F. Book one night and quickly left think I turned on video as if I could. All she said was "I don't do that" and was gone. She said she was not rich but what that means to her may not be the same as what it means to me. Kathy Potter Kelliher is her name (Married) with her mother who has to be in her nineties. If you get some time give it a look. I had no idea she was kinda famous. She was married to a guy, we called him "Slick" because he had girls paying for his car. We used him for "Bait" kinda like the perfect guy and he attracted the girls. We than got the girls and Dave did what he does.
    Just one of those things from way back I rembered. Kathy knocked on my door the day after I got married in Baltimore but lived in CT.
    Not quite 21 and not sure about age but with the GTX I had it was a short ride. And we got to see Buddy Greco at one of the Clubs.

  2. Thanks Hamilton, but the artwork is offered by the blog people. Sounds relatively strange this girl you speak of. And I agree, what one believes to be wealth does not always hold true for another. What makes her famous? Sounds like there may be a "Slick" in everyone's past. Keep on remembering, It gets easier as time goes by. I remember Buddy Greco, never seen him live though. Good luck with the lady. Thanks for the comment, I'll see you on Google+ sometime.