Tuesday, September 24, 2013

~An Uneasy Feeling~

Something happened I know some time ago,
And now I’m sorely tired, I want just to go.
Plans and dreams were just starting to grow.
What happened, where, where did they go?
The world, has it changed? Yes you say, I know.
A sudden subtle change or just a mild stunning blow?
All I wanted was all I was told. Be bold!
Be satisfied, we’re all just growing old.
I don’t know but something has surely changed.
And all I know now seems somehow strange.
A thought struggles to escape my mind;
Have I been forgotten here…left behind?
No! Now I know! It’s just time, I must go!
It happens this way when you go you know.
When I started, I didn’t know it would go on this long.
How was I supposed to know I’d always be wrong?
Strangers now, me myself and my will?
They must of come undone climbing this hill.
I understand it’s like falling snow when you finally go,
I don’t know. I don’t know…I just don’t know.
So many long years it seems to be and vision,
My vision is very clear or is it hard to see?
And now I need to know, is it all just a show?
And where from here, where should I go?
I don’t know all I know is just what I know!
Just what I know is..is just what I know.
Get up! Get out! Go this way no not that!
Along the way I must of worn out the welcome mat.
And the darkness grows and grows but who cares.
And who really, who really, who really knows?
What is that? There, there in the shadows of reality?
Can anyone see it? I tell you somebody knows!
Who is it, who keeps changing these flickering shows?
And no one cares and no one really knows.
And have I lost it again, have I gone madly astray?
I know I must…go. But why can’t I can’t I just stay?
Wait! Can the verdict be bent, can it be sway?
Does it always have to be just one way?
I know I don’t want to go and I don’t want to stay!
I am afraid? You say there is but one, only one way.
Get up! Stand up! Get out of my way! The shadows
Of reality must never go astray, but oh how they do betray.
Yes! No! I know there’s still time! No! No! Just let me go!
~Jack Henry Kraven~

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