Monday, September 23, 2013

 Take Me Now!

It's been told by a few who were so bold,
"There is a place, a place of pure sold cold!"

A few who were so bold, they have told,
"We know a place, a place of pure solid cold!"

Pure solid cold is given and never sold. 
"There blood flows, like pure solid gold."

"There is, is a place of pure solid cold, 
There nothing is spoken, nothing foretold."

"Flames never flicker, flames never die. 
"Flames are frozen and wish only to cry."

"Cry for the souls of all who are there,
For there they'll stay...pure solid clay."

"The flames of hell one could surely sell, 
To those who reside there, all frozen inside."

"Spirit and soul, there will they always be, 
Their pure solid frozen...don't you see?"

"So beware so be warned, now you've been told,   
Of the place, the place of pure solid cold!" 

~Jack Henry Kraven~

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