Friday, November 1, 2013

"There are moments when I think religion might be true and times when I view it as false; then there are the moments when I find it helps with understanding when discussing it with someone who believes it is true, thinks it's false or finds it useful."  ~Jack Henry Kraven~


  1. For what its worth I gravitated toward you or your personality as someone I might have been friends with or am friends with. After being awake almost two days this is my last act b4 wheeling into my bedroom and sleeping I hope until the next day.
    I had my right hip replaced twice and the second was worst than the first. Now that whoever or whatever or if it is self determined I am here at 67 years old!
    Each day is a challenge to that I attribute my sometimes off the wall remarks or well as poor typing. I just sent a short note to someone on here and it reads as follows to give you and idea of my posts:
    Activate the URL, I did and it worked perfectly. I changed my name to Hamilton Erlock because I liked it and want to confuse the NSA. Gugganheim became Gugganheim who received U.S. Mail.
    The name implies I should have on a black suit and hat with long curly hair under it. And safe case handcuffed to my wrist.
    My computer experience started with a TI 99 That connected to my TV for video. It was when I think that was when I learned the most about all this computer stuff. Spoken as an intellect. Think I was a closet nerd but no one ever tried to harass me. Or I became Hammerlock the Healty!
    Oh god am I starting to sound like a Comic Book man. Need a working class bar with a pool cue.
    If I can untangle Google after getting some sleep which is rare I may become a regular able to keep up with the group.

  2. Without knowing what to expect I wrote some of this and that but no longer have the mindset to repeat the words. Without knowing me it would be difficult to understand me as if you need to. I have been thru the wringer from age 12 and almost send you a letter from an earlier send to another person.
    So I will take a chance hoping you will understand I sometimes do things while I have been awake beyond 24 hours and I will ask myself why did I do that.
    I have saved several people in my lifetime and now I am saving mine. Going beyond this point would confuse both of us. I have few friends on Google while in my life I have more than I can remember. I would like to count you as one of them. Bill aka Hamilton (like that better). At the age of 67 I am allowed a few fuck up on occasion.

  3. Well said. It helps to know the person you are trying to identify. Or at least know something of their beliefs. I find it almost an exercise in futility to "debate" with someone over the exisetence of God. Yeah,right I CANT prove it and neither can you DISprove it--can we move on now?? I am entitled to believe in the Christian God just as you are entitled to NOT believe in Him but what puzzles me is the ones who get all bent out of shape at the mere mention of His name! They will sometimes say to me "do you want YOUR kid going to a school that shoves Islam down his throat?" My reply is generally "WHAT school does THIS?? I know of NONE."
    I get their point--sure,you dont want the school favoring one religion over the other. Gotcha! However,we are talking about the kids IN the school. Not the school itself!
    Allright, I will stop writing this book! Thanks for listening!

    1. I whole heartily agree, I feel the same about trying to debate with someone over the existence of God. I believe it is fear on the part of those who become angry when God is mentioned. I've learned the hard way to not and try to convince anyone of anything, I usually end up saying something like, let us agree to disagree, and they see that as they've somehow won the argument or disagreement etc. Thank you for sending a very interesting comment tnmusicman...Jack