Saturday, November 8, 2014

~Just another character living the great mystery~

“In a high mountain valley, in a mare's nest of perfect safety and quiet melancholy desperation, I've blended degrees of boredom and dark hatred with horrifying insanity into a relatively strange life.
The last best place, Montana, and a city named Butte. One may view Butte from outer space, simply search for the biggest toxic water filled open-pit mining crater infecting Mother Earth...The Berkeley Pit. This legendary red brick city clings precariously against the north slope of a high mountain valley a few hundred meters from the rim of the massive crater. And just south of the crater you'll find The Flats, my neighborhood.
 Butte, a long time ago, was a great copper mining city. Nowadays the powers that be are digging for much more exotic metals than copper. The voracious appetite humans have for more expensive cell phones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets must be appeased.
Now, to pick-the-bone. I am the most important part of a writer's success. I am the Reader. I read several books simultaneously of which I seldom finish…the reason: Writers must challenge and intrigue the reader. Script must hold the imagination of the reader throughout the story while teaching and expounding upon things of essence. It is not nice to waste the time of the reader.
 I collect nothing, but spend a good deal of time doing it. I do have several plants and herbs growing in my rooms during the winter months. Much of the summer I spend grooming my yards and garden. I turn wood into sawdust from time to time, for the therapy you understand…Sawdust Therapy, try it you'll surely like it,
but mind your fingers.” ~Jack Henry Kraven~